I was born and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, where Pharaonic knowledge, Roman' pageantry, Greek mythology, Ptolemaic art, and Coptic doctrine were all mixed in the warmth, magic and romance of that Mediterranean melting pot!  

In 1987, I decided to try the New World melting pot. So, I moved to Cambridge and attended Harvard University, where I got SM and PhD degrees in Computer Science. Since September 1991, I have been with the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Boston University, CAS

If not in my office, I am likely gardening in our backyard at the mercy of Boston's moody weather, or helping my wife Kathryn Welter try out a new Middle Eastern recipe, or perfecting a South Dakotan one with a Norwegian twist! That is, of course, if our kids Mark, John, and Kristen let us do so! 

My alma matter, College St Marc, Bibliotecha Alexandrina, Egypt, The Nile, Leverett House, Dana Palmer House, Harvard's GSC, BU's campus, Boston's best, Harvard Square, Wayland, history, cultures, religion, StarTrek, parakeets, Music CDs, Pachelbel, Fairuz, Tut... I'd much rather say it all in person!


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